Frequently Asked Questions

When will you send my order?

All orders will be shipped 1-3 working days after order has been received unless otherwise stated. We are a small family run business, and sometimes things happen out with our control. If for whatever reason we cannot ship your order to you within 1-3 days, we will advise you of this.


Delivery times

Orders under 2kg will be sent Royal Mail Second Class Signed For. The estimated delivery time for this is 3-5 working days, but can be slightly longer at peak times. Please take this into account when ordering. Orders over 2kg will be sent using our courier service. Need your stuff super quick? Let us know and we can ship next day delivery. Customers will have to pay for this cost, of course. Are you local to Dumfries? We offer free local collection! Orders must be collected within seven days, or your order will be refunded.


Why does this product look different?

All our products are handmade. This means that sometimes a product will look slightly different. We also like to mix things up sometimes. If inspiration strikes, we may improve the look of a product.


What’s this white stuff (frosting)?

We use natural soy wax—with the exception of our shapes, which is made with a parasoy blend—which has a tendency to ‘frost’. This frosting, or blooming, looks just like that—frosting. It is a trait typical to soy wax, and sometimes it is unavoidable. There is nothing wrong with the wax and it does not affect the throw you will get from it. We do everything we can to eliminate this, but it can strike at any time! Soy can be volatile to work with, and the slightest thing, such as room temperature being a degree different, can result in frosting. So please, if you spot a bit of frosting, don’t worry, it’s just soy being soy!


Do you have an open box option?

Yes! At the moment we are trialling an open box option. If you would like an order to be part of an open box, then please select Free Local Shipping at checkout and leave us a note to let us know why. But please note shipping costs will be payable when you would like your box sent. Price will be weight dependant.


Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Mail, or send us a message on the Facebook group to discuss.


Why don’t you have this scent available? It’s my favourite!

Big Al’s aim to have a full, well stocked range at all times. It’s not possible for us to have every scent under the sun…but if there’s one you’re desperate for, let us know! We strive to make our customers happy.


Why was my order refunded?

Our most common reason for refunding an order is due to non-collection. If you are local to us, then please take advantage of our Free Local Collection at checkout! You will receive an email when your order is ready for collection to arrange a time suitable for both of us for you to collect it. However, if we do not hear back from you within seven days, then your order will be refunded.


Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Give us a shout at and we will be thrilled to help you!